Privacy Policy

We believe in matching, and intelligent searching. So we only need few personal data.

This is all we do with your personal data:

There are three types of accounts: Users, Partners, Coach

We record your profile, you keep it up to date. By using the application you agree we keep your email, interests and storyline on our servers. in principle, we don't share this information with anyone. If you choose to contact a partner or a coach, your email will be shared with them so they can contact you.
If you work with a coach from my meaningful work, they could also read and work with your storyline. We don't share any further data. The only persons that can read your profile except yourself is our little administration and help desk team.

Your user data are protected like for any user. Your partner profile is accessible for users through the website. All data about you, your profile, your offers can be managed by yourself. Our team can access your profile and offer data for statistical and marketing purposes. We also keep track of the contacts made through the application and of your contract with my meaningful work.

Besides partner and user data (see above) we record your online activities on my meaningful work as a coach, and your coaching accreditation result. Your personal data are not shared with anyone except yourself.

We have a dedicated data protection officer for My Meaningful work. You can contact them here.
My Meaningful Work

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